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What if animals treat us the way we treat them ?

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What if animals treat us the way we treat them

What if animals treat us the way we treat them ? You will feel ashamed after watching these pictures. Stop being cruel to animals! They too have full rights to live peacefully on this earth.

If roles were reversed, what would it be like to be treated comparable to an animal? Turned observation is a chilling thought exercise that has been explored by several cartoonists over the years. These thought-provoking cartoons put animals in human shoes and humans in animal hooves, feathers and horns.

Perhaps we are made into fashionable handbags, rugs or mounted on a wall. The possibilities are endless, sometimes amusing, often disturbing and always a reminder to have compassion for our animal friends.

During 2014, in South Africa alone a staggering 1,215 rhinos were killed by poachers, that’s one every eight hours.

Money Is The Ultimate Trap For Humans

You Can Understand How Truly Frightening This Show Would Be. Data suggests a population decline of 89% in hammerhead sharks, 79% of great white sharks, 65% in tiger sharks, 80% in thresher sharks, 60% in blue sharks, and 70% in mako sharks.



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