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Formal Wears For Men

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The work culture varies from country to country and state to state.
The attires or outfits that may seem acceptable as formal wear in one part of the world may not be acceptable in another part of the world.

men clothes gettintouchIt is thus vital that you understand the work dress code for that particular or exclusively organsation of a particular country when you plan to work for the said.

Here we have listed out the different acceptable formal outfits for men. If you follow these simple suggestions, you will be able to easily mingle with the dressing ethics of Indian professional environment.
These are more common in the rural areas of India where fashion has still not caught up.

*Pick trousers and shirts that go well with your look and figure.
*Selecting the right colours to make you look appealing is no easy task.
*Well dressed men gain more attention and authority in the workplace and hence it is advisable to pay attention to your outfit before heading to work.

Office Clothing Tips for Men:

The number of choices for men is somewhat lesser than that for women in the Indian professional environment.
Men usually adhere to the international codes of professional dressing and wear professional outfits that are universally accepted.

Here we have listed a few of the most common Indian clothing men prefer to wear in India.

1) Pant and Shirt:

mens wear gettintouch**If you are doing an ordinary job where you do not have to interact with the corporate directly then a regular formal shirt and pants is the best office attire for men.
You may select plain or striped shirts for regular working days.



**If you are heading for an interview or if you have a presentation to attend, a tie would mens formal wear gettintouchmake a perfect accessory with your outfit.
While most people do not seem to need the wrist watch because of their cellphones, it still makes an ideal professional accessory.

2) Tuxedo Suit:

tuxedo suit gettintouch***While pants and shirt make a great professional outfit for most of the lower runks, those handling managerial positions should have an edge over the others.

They may opt for a Tuxedo suit for higher level meetings or seminars. These add to the persona and are great when you are heading for some international interaction.
It adds to your persona if you have a good height and other appealing traits.

Footwear for Men :

Men need to pick good formal shoes for their office hours. They can select from the wide range of good leather shoes that offer comfort and protection.

Wallet for Men:

Wallet is an important accessory for men who are working. wallet gettintouchIt is best to go for a wallet with several pockets so that you have a place for all your ids and documents.  
It is a great idea to go for a leather wallet as these tend to last longer. Sleek wallets are now in vogue because they fit into the pockets easily.

Hygiene Accessories:

sanitizer gettintouch

Your hygiene habits matter a lot in a workplace. It is thus a great idea to carry a hand sanitizer to keep your hands fresh throughout.



It is also a good idea to carry a packet of fresh wipes. When you are going to have a long day at work, it is good to carry a deodorant so that others around you do not have to suffer your body odor.
This is a good habit to help you stay active and fresh all the while.

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