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Modak Recipes for Ganesh Chaturthi Festival | Collection of 8 Modak Recipes

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Modak recipes for ganesh chaturthi festival. This post shares a collection of 8 types of modak recipes that can be made during ganesh chaturthi festival. There are many variations of modak recipes. Steamed modak or Ukadiche modak is lord ganesha’s favorite sweet and is made traditionally all over maharashtra and goa. In the south India, Ukadiche modak is called as kozhukattai and is made with a few variations.

To the unacquainted, modaks are sweet dumplings generally made with rice flour and stuffed with coconut – jaggery filling. The filling can vary as there are many varieties of modak.

Preparing modaks the traditional way does take time, so either you can involve a help or prepare when all your remaining household work is over. If you plan to offer these modaks as a naivedyam to lord ganesha, then don’t taste them while preparing. Prepare with fresh ingredients and with a devotional state of mind, heart and being.

Also making Ukadiche modaks is a little difficult, so you got to make them to master the art. Preferably use moulds for giving shape to the modaks. The modak moulds are easily available in india. You can even buy them online.

Collection of 8 modak recipes for ganesh chaturthi festival:

  1. Ukadiche modak recipe – The traditional maharashtrian recipe of modakm which is offered to lord ganesha on the occasion of ganesh chaturthi festival. Ukadiche modak is one of the most popular modak variety made during ganesh chaturthi festival in maharashtra and goa.ukadiche modak recipe
  2. Fried modak recipe – A variation of modak where the modaks are fried rather than steamed. The outer covering of these fried modaks is made from whole wheat flour and hence It is a bit dense as compared to the ones made from all purpose flour (maida).fried modak recipe
  3. Mawa modak recipe – These tasty modaks are made with minimal ingredients which is mawa (khoya or evaporated milk solids), sugar and cardamom powder. You can make this sweet in less than 30 minutes. This is a quick modak recipe and comes handy if you don’t have much time. These mawa modaks can also be served as naivedyam to lord ganesha.mawa modak recipe
  4. Mango modak recipe – These modaks are prepared with fresh mango pulp, khoya (evaporated milk solids), sugar and flavored with cardamom powder. These modaks are delicious, rich, melt in the mouth and with a lovely taste of mangoes. To make the modaks, I have used fresh mango pulp. You can even use canned mango pulp. I chose alphonso mango since they are sweet but you can use any good quality of sweet and pulpy mangoes.mango modak recipe
  5. Chocolate modak recipe – These chocolate modaks are prepared mainly from three ingredients chocolate, mawa/khoya (evaporated milk solids) and sugar. This modak recipe takes less than 30 minutes to make and is simple to make during ganesh chaturthi or any festive season. I have used chocolate chips but you could use grated chocolate of any good brand.chocolate modak recipe
  6. Sweet kozhukattai recipe – South Indian recipe variation of modaks stuffed with a filling of chana dal, coconut and jaggery.sweet kozhukattai recipe
  7. Rava modak recipe – Modaks made with semolina (rava or sooji) and stuffed with coconut jaggery filling. This easy method of making modak which takes less time, but effort is there. Less time, since no steaming or frying is needed.easy rava modak recipe
  8. Dry fruits modak recipe – Modaks made from rice flour and stuffed with mixture of mawa, poppy seeds, coconut and dry fruits.dry fruits modak recipe

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